25 June 2006

cansei de ser ouvinte

okay, so i know there are plenty of cansei de ser sexy fans out there, but am i going to be stoned (as in hurled rocks at) if i say that they're not my cup of tea? there, i said it!

they sound like a brazilian le tigre (and i'm not too fond of them, either), and CSS's single "i wanna be your j-lo" (mp3) is evocative of adam green's "jessica" (video). you laugh because it's fun and it's funny, but you don't really take it seriously.

they sing a few lines off of "jenny from the block" and add, "i wanna be your j-lo" every now and then. eh, not so riveting audio-wise. i don't know. maybe i'll eat my whiny words later. maybe CSS is the sort of stuff that becomes an acquired taste (for me, at least). but see, i have this thing with brasileiros, brasileiras, and all things brazilian (excluding the depilatory process). if raquel zimmermann (she, with the routinely masculine facial features and screaming overbite) has become easier on the eyes, then maybe CSS will become easier on the ears.

i know i put too many parentheses in this entry. deal with it.

in other news. . . i went to my friend brian’s grad lunch a few hours ago and i've never felt so OP my whole life! i barely knew a soul, but ‘twas okay.

guess what raquel's ethnicity is? german, of course!

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i agree with the css rant.
i like them, but i like the idea of liking them more.
does that make sense?
i like 'off the hook' by them though, that i'll say.


Posted by Blogger SICK. @ 9:49 AM #
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