17 June 2006

caps, gowns, stoles, and tassels

oh and diplomas, too. so today in the searing 11am heat, a couple of my friends and i volunteered to set up for commencement. sun protection factor is your friend. our free lunch was delicious, even though it was mostly crap, nutritional-wise.

karina, me, and carol on a break, in front of candice’s USC stuff.

¿estás embarazada?

being indoors is good for you! instead of charring ourselves to death outside, carol and i decided to blow balloons, help out in the cap and gown room, and carry seven division banners ("yes, we'll take everything!") down a flight of stairs. oh, the things we've done for PCC.

look at the cool mountains! and the virgin astroturf!

we were really loud. really.

guess whose forearm got dislocated? jk.

my friend soichi graduated! go soichi! he is our treasured treasurer, the first ever of TROPA's (hopefully) many future years at PCC. he's transferring to UCSD! it was lots of fun being the only group in the south bleachers with pots, pans, ladles, and spoons! thank you sandra for bringing them all the way from your house! i was still in my volunteer shirt even though i was off duty, but i still had to look after a couple of boxes of programs. it was awesome to see people move on and out of PCC. go jolie! go melissa! go candice! go everyone else i forgot to mention!

hardwork + free lunch = a great way to end the school year!

why didn't i use my volunteer shirt to wield more power? because i'm nice like that.

i enjoyed noodle planet after the ceremony!

making a complete departure from the subject, last night i watched nelly furtado (and timbaland) perform in so you think you can dance? and i marveled at how she bears an uncanny resemblance to bianca balti, peppered with a little bit of marija vujovic.

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