20 June 2006

the funny, the sad, and the disappointing

dwyane wade and miami heat. darn them.

the other day, one of the instant messaging programs i was using froze every five minutes, so i decided to switch to meebo.

i haven't visited the site in a few weeks so i was surprised upon seeing that they have it in different languages now. so, i scanned the sea of microprint looking for "tagalog" or "filipino". to my surprise, the list had both! note to meebo people: they're the same thing. anyway, filipinos love speaking and writing in taglish (tagalog + english) so seeing words exhaustively translated to what would be the closest genuine filipino equivalent is pretty darn hilarious.

here's a mini glossary of selected high-lare-ee-yus tagalog meeboisms:

listahan ng mga kaibigan - friend list

ako'y bakante - i'm available

ako'y hindi nakikita - literally, it's "no one can see me"

pasok! - translated literally, it's "come in!" but here, it's "log in!"

labas! - in literal terms, it's really "go out!" but in meebo, it's "log out!"

si ___ ay nagsusulat - ___ is writing

simulan o sumali sa usapang pang-grupo - start or join a group conversation

also, how come they have pahilis (italic) and may salungguhit (underlined) and no translation for "bold"? haha.

so funny naman.

today, it was weird visiting PCC and doing absolutely nothing there. yea. today with jacqueline: admissions, fall schedule of classes, 'space, tacos, and boba.

i can't wait for basic skills testing tomorrow from 8:30am to 3:00pm! i'm going to have so much fun! but wait, i do get to hang out with mes amis later.

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That is sooooooooo hilarious!!!

I love your blog. your writing always gives me something to ponder about...ilovesecondhandsmoke rocks!

Posted by Blogger Ruth @ 9:34 PM #
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