28 June 2006

a haircut in haste is a haircut gone to waste

well, i don't really think that anymore.

my locks were chopped off two days ago. long overdue. contrary to my self-predicted emotional reaction, not a single tear escaped either eye. wait, except when i sneezed twice! pre-haircut, i had an enormous attachment to my hair. so enormous, i hardly noticed that it was growing to dangerously hippie lengths. i guess i didn't bawl because i was so fixated on how huge my face is without all the hair (maybe that's tear-inducing for some, but it was more gag-inducing for me). the lady razored the schei├če out of the back. i feared for her own fingers. anyway, on the left is my new hair, styled in three different ways. the middle one's kind of "more of the same," to quote john kerry.

i've crossed out la cara because, you know, i do have consideration for my readers' eyes. you should thank me for that. cash and checks still accepted.

go see superman returns! go!

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