18 June 2006


just plain nasty! jorge larrionda, tsk tsk. i can't fully elucidate the gravity of what you did. those red flags. . . what the? you messed it up, jorge, you messed it up. go USA! #13 jimmy conrad is a temple city, CA native! go jimmy! i wish i could go to germany right now. any financiers?

continuing the trend of nastiness, i have to say save them goldfish! is the most distressing game i've played in a while. i feel awful for the fish. darn that roommate! are goldfish even edible? and why would you fry them out of the bowl? that's nasty. if you're going to (not that i recommend it) eat fish, don't you have to at least clean it first? hate for the roommate. see, that's how distressing this game is!

well, i'm taking it easy for now. ah, l'été. i'll miss the agitation, chaos, excitement and the drama at school, and everything else that comes with it.

¡los voy a extrañar muchísimo!

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 1:56 AM