14 June 2006

a semester's worth of stories part one

first of all, it's funny how this household actually owns a copy of the video on the right. those leg-warming eighties.

just when a lot has been happening, i was unable to post even a single blog entry. it's odd how things work out.

sadly, i was left to depend on others for mobility after a horribly debilitating overuse injury of the right ankle. taking dr pavlovitch's class at the same time is a paper, a dissertation, and an anatomy and physiology textbook all its own. . . and i thought fall 2005 was my most extraordinary sixteen weeks of school! little did i know that that was the calm before the storm.

winter zipped by and spring 2006 was in full bloom, when a strange turn of events compelled me to take on the role of president of the reunited organization of pilipino-americans, aka TROPA.

the upsides: the experience, which furthered my leadership and organizational skills greatly. the exposure, having met and communicated with other filipino organizations at other colleges. the friendships, which i wouldn't have gained otherwise if i wasn't a part of the club. the wonderful people i've worked with, whom i enjoyed collaborating with and creating a good base for future TROPA leaders and members. the events (especially our pilipino cultural night), through which we've reached out to the college and community and shared our culture with them.

the downside: being caught in the middle of conflicts, which put me through a lot of stress (sarah knows), worry (carol and karina know), and anger (that one cadet witnesed it, and i feel embarrassed about it to this day). it's as though i've aged a couple of years, having to mediate and/or avoid tons of different issues that emerged throughout the entire semester.

the lesson learned: drama is almost always inevitable in any organization; you just have to learn to deal with it!

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