15 June 2006

a semester's worth of stories part three

yesterday, "carmen electra" called my house. funnily enough, no one picked it up and it went to voicemail. ridiculous automated messages.

situated near the pasadena city college campus and the apartment rows of harkness avenue, ric rac clothing is a widely overlooked (by hungry, stressed-out, procrastinating students and indifferent passers-by alike) treasure chest of new, vintage, and one-of-a-kind clothes. the ambiance is reminiscent of a certain overexposed and overexpanded store chain but the tags are a little above thrift store prices without the fresh-off-the-estate smell. ric rac caters to both girls and guys and constantly has new arrivals. my recent favorite is a vintage barney purple elastic belt from converse.

ric rac clothing ‚óŹ 1487 e colorado blvd, pasadena

and to conclude, here's the last installation of my semester summary. . .

man, it's been great. even the not-so-great things made it a standout semester: being rejected by omicron mu delta, attracting unwanted attention, karina losing the associated students election (and therefore wasting the entire campaign! jk), and having my left index finger almost crushed during our tinikling presentation at glendale community college, among other things.

i feel like i've come full circle.

'tis magnificent.

tomorrow is spring 2006 commencement. carol and i are volunteering from 11am-6pm. hopefully, there will still be volunteer shirts available! our friend soichi is graduating and transferring to UCSD! go soichi! most of the associated students board is graduating, hopefully i'll get to see them and also, other friends and former classmates that i don't know are graduating. congratulations to all them!

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