22 June 2006

visual fixation

slam dunk is my one and only anime obsession! it reminds me of my failed attempt at learning nihonggo. ike, ike shohoku! for those who are too young (or too old) to remember, slam dunk was first aired around 1993 and became wildly popular for about three or four years. i am eagerly anticipating the fourth box set!

if you like japanese school uniforms, a dollop of violence, a lot of grandiosity, not-so-japanese-looking boys, fanatical japanese girls, and basketball (of course), you can purchase slam dunk and many other anime and manga selections at kawaii anime. the uniforms are an absolute throwback to the bulls uniforms, don't you think?

kawaii anime ‚óŹ 1667 e colorado blvd, pasadena

so US lost to ghana. yea, i'm over it.

lessons learned yesterday:
1 (from jacqueline) never break your camera's LCD screen. repairing it will cost more than your camera itself.

2 (from sarah) always turn down a porn scout, even though how attractive he is. you don't want to be socially damned for the rest of your life.

3 (from jacqueline, sean, dr johnson, sandra, and myself) never overindulge in cocktails. scratch that. give up the cocktails.

i'm taking the first step towards accomplishing the tasks on my summer to-do list.

library this afternoon!

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