21 June 2006

we do a little this, we a do a little that

so the mavs lost. big friggin' deal. i'm over it.

"is your game mvp like dirk nowitzki?"
~ nelly furtado in her sytycd performance.

i'm guessing that won't happen, ms furtado.

at tea zone

after the da vinci code

my hair almost reaching hippie status

i think god was punishing us today for watching the da vinci code. walking from fair oaks to missing connections, and then walking from halstead to rosemead boulevard?! pasadena sucks. mta sucks. ok so after re-refueling at lollicup, cee, kaye, mami and i made our way to pacific theatres in paseo colorado. we had to do without a wide selection of movies (we passed laemmle on the way back and i really wanted to see an inconvenient truth), so we decided to watch the da vinci code. mademoiselle tautou est très belle. très, très belle. anyway, it was one of our rare opportunities to chill as a group.

my current summer to-do list:
[ ] read at least three books.
[ ] get (at least) out-of-state.
[ ] do at least one community service.
[ ] register for RN classes (barfy mcbarf).
[ ] take care of RN program requirements.
[ ] change my hair.
[ ] splurge, splurge, splurge.

uh-oh. looks like i'm getting sick. ugh.

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