07 July 2006

assorted oddities

can't wait to try one of these. haha. all kidding aside, it looks like it tastes good. it's supposedly available at vons and at various hispanic supermarkets. they'll make perfect stocking stuffers! just kidding.

i heard a discussion about this in on air with ryan seacrest. i really wouldn't mind owning a bottle of that stuff. imagine getting that in your eye, though. ouch.

oh, and the so-called bullsh*t deflectors. so stylish. click on the link and download the .pdf file(s) of your liking.

pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest wasn't all that great. it felt like two and a half hours. geez. but it was fun to hang with bobby, josh, and karina again!

something un-stupid. soon. seriously.

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 11:32 PM