14 July 2006

cette robe noire

in superman returns, lois lane (played by kate bosworth) wears a black dress with a sliver of saffron in the slit. described as "art deco thirties" by costume designer louise mingenbach, the dress, along with the katharine hepburn hair, is pure brilliance. the picture doesn't do it justice! apologies for not being able to find a better picture.

speaking of kate, i'm wondering if she's stuck to stylist jessica paster or moved on to rachel zoe. shudder, shudder. i must say it's better to be pasterized than to be zoed.

and speaking of rachel zoe, i was channel surfing last night and i came across last call with carson daly. what has he done to himself? post-TRL he looks like he's walked the whole course of the tour de france (maybe that's good) and his skin has taken on the color of terra cotta, a little bit like rachel zoe's. wait, ms zoe's is more like a yellow ochre color. yea, definitely yellow ochre.

oops, did i just say that?

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