12 July 2006

it's going to be different from now on

i recently lost my uncle to a myocardial infarction, a heart attack. along with my sister, we fondly called him "daddy". growing up, i was very close to his family. i always spent time with my three cousins and i considered him and my aunt (my mom's older sister) as my second parents.

it's hard trying to digest what has happened. seeing pictures just squashes one's initial disbelief. about a year and four months ago, his whole family came over from the philippines. i miss those days.

i worry about everyone he has touched and everyone who has been a part of his life. i know that especially for his immediate family, it's going to be difficult to carry on. this is another loss that they have to endure.

it reminds me that someday, we all have to go. someday, it will be our time too. to those who we love and to those who we care for, don't leave words unspoken and actions unaccomplished.

R.I.P. reynold t. donesa
november 2, 1954 - july 9, 2006

it's odd how i just finished wolf boy by evan kuhlman, a fresh and brilliant convergence of both novel and comic book. it tells the story of middle child stephen and his family's loss of the eldest child, francis. his mom, dad, little sister and francis' fiancée all cope in their own unique ways, but it is stephen who channels his grief into something creative: he and his girlfriend nicole create the comic book wolf boy.

ironic. so many things have been weird. "signs" my cousin calls them.

it's difficult to let go.

it really is.

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