30 July 2006

lump sum

I haven't updated in a while, so here you go!

Last week has been the busiest week so far! I'm done with my RN requirements! Well, almost. I've completed the background check, gotten the titers, a chest x-ray and a physical out of the way, bought malpractice insurance, and bought uniforms, patches, and my name tag. Now, I need to submit my Basic Life Support recertification, buy a lab kit, buy another patch, and buy the eight required textbooks. It was also nice seeing friends who were done with their summer school finals and spending time with them.

After about a week of intense, sweltering heat, it's good to have cooler weather for a change. And those power outages! Vile, vile! Thank goodness we had electricity all the time.

Karma's a b*tch. Karma's bite is a b*tch. Karma hit early! I feel bad for the people it's affected, but I guess that's how it works.

For the past two nights, I've been overeating like a nourishment-deprived street urchin. Why?! I can't explain it. It must have something to do with me being overwhelmed at the food choices this world has to offer. Last night, I found it immensely difficult to walk after eating two cups of french onion soup, half of a small french bread with butter, chips and bread with spinach dip, chicken pot pie, a little bit of cheesecake, a little bit of triple chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, and four glasses of decaffeinated raspberry iced tea. Everything courtesy of Mimi's Cafe. Glutton, much?! That night, I contemplated going bulimic. Right now, food just doesn't appeal to me.

Another thing! Why was Allison Holker booted from So You Think You Can Dance?! It should've been her and Benji Schwimmer on the top two! No! No! No!

Last look. Season one's pinoys!

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I agree about Allison Holker! The girl is a dancing genius and deserved to win the entire competition. She had the ability, the versatility, the character, everything. I actually just wrote a blog today STILL raginging about it, and it was over a year ago. :p

Posted by Anonymous Hilary @ 9:50 AM #
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