01 July 2006

super da vinci chronicles

fascinatingly enough, the last three movies i've seen have had themes about jesus christ.

starting with superman returns, the biblical reference is apparent when jor-el says, "they can be a great people. . . they only lack the light to show the way. for this reason above all their capacity for good, i've sent them you, my only son." so there you go, superman the christ figure.

of course, the whole issue in the da vinci code is jesus' divinity/mortality and his enduring lineage in the character sophie neveu, played by the magnificent audrey tautou.

lastly, the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe is a play-by-play of biblical symbols, from allusions to "sons of adam" and "daughters of eve" to the lion aslan's sacrifice, resurrection, and imminent second coming. evidently, aslan is the embodiment of jesus in this film.

in contrast, i also saw the omen on its opening day. the devil spawn damien is played by the eerily, creepily, frighteningly evil-looking child actor seamus davey-fitzpatrick. i can't think of any other recent movies that talk about the devil, except maybe the devil wears prada, but we know anna wintour's not too happy about that comparison.

one last thing. here's one of my (many) favorite songs by sufjan stevens, perfect for the rekindled supermania:

sufjan stevens - the man of metropolis steals our hearts (mp3)

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