19 August 2006

ikaw ay aking

I made a mistake! And boy I'm glad I made it. The So You Think You Can Dance finale was this week! I really thought that I missed it. Of course my favorite, Benji Schwimmer, won. Go Benji!

Earlier this week, I scootered my way to my friend's house. Remember those Razor scooters that were big back in '01? Yes, those. On loan from my little cousin, I traversed the streets of Temple City and San Gabriel, getting amused and weird stares from drivers. I almost fell over twice and I must say, considering that she lives about a mile away, it was a huge strain on my right ankle and my left calf. Just did it for kicks. Never doing it again.

Here are two versions of Black Eyed Peas' "Bebot" music video. Generation One features Filipino workers in the 1930s and their quaint little society called the Rizal Social Club, with some land tilling and swing dancing. Generation Two shows present-day Filipino youth partying it up with jeepneys and bebots in tow. Frankly, they look more like Filipina video hos, and not all of them looked Filipina! Both versions include tons of cameos from artists and performers in the Filipino-American community, including American Idol runner-up Jasmine Trias. The video mainly focuses on Apl, but of course fellow Peas Will, Fergie and Taboo came out to support him as well. Skip the opening sequences which are a bunch of infomercial-esque stuff. Anyway, just watch the videos!

Generation One:

Generation Two:

Visit Director Patricio Ginelsa's website, Xylophone Films.
Check out Kid Heroes Productions, where you can also watch the videos.

Pinay ka sigaw na, sige!

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