17 August 2006

the leaders of the pack

The man purse. For years and years they've cradled securely and comfortably on men's waists and shoulders from Finland to Italy. Guys have a right to carryalls, too! I did my own search about this season's best murses, and narrowed it down to my top three.

(3) Recon by Fossil
The rugged leather exterior is perfect for on-the-go city slickers. Its coolness has a slight rustic touch, but it looks a little too small to carry all my stuff!

(2) Indie by Goorin
A genius take on oilcloth, it pairs well with the red leather straps, piping, and brass details. Looks gloriously high-end but costs way less, but a little too big and bulky for everyday use.

(1) Tarpolino by Longchamp
The winner! This classic Longchamp Tarpolino cut in tarpaulin canvas in a late summer/early fall orange outshines everything else. The size is perfect and it comes in black and a mixed print as well.

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 10:41 PM