11 August 2006

summer's last few breaths

I'm enjoying them. Right now, "summer" is the only S word I can get along with. The other, that vile swindler of a word is not to be discussed. Not right now. There's a time for that, a time which I'm not amenable to establish or calculate.

Now smile. Summer's still here!

After three straight days of going out and having fun, Thursday seemed like a lifeless, dragging monotone of a day. The worst part is that I completely missed the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. That's my first major offense this summer. Oh well, I can always look back on:

V for Vendetta Monday with Karina. We walked to the nearby video store and rented the DVD. I wasn't able to watch the movie in its entirety because I was ordering textbooks online at the same time. We had some heinously bad spaghetti from Hot Stuff Cafe, but thank goodness the garlic chicken wings and the tiramisu passed the taste test.

Ajisen Ramen Tuesday with Sarah and Josh. I had gyoza, chicken curry and rice and I shared an ice cream sundae and mochi with Sarah. Glad that my lunchmates gave their meals and the place two thumbs up. The building used to be a Korean restaurant and for about a month, a hamburger place. The previous businesses weren't successful but now that the food is beyond delicious, (I love the seafood ramen) hopefully Ajisen will be a Temple City fixture for a very long time! Later in the day, we stopped by Karina's house and tried to watch V again, but we ended up watching the Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) video instead. Brings back those days. While Josh slept away his work woes on Karina's couch, the rest of us played (forearm-stinging) volleyball on the street. Afterwards, I managed to finish making one bracelet for TROPA's upcoming Club Week (Y'all are lucky I'm nice like that). Josh had to leave for work and in a few minutes, Con arrived. We had dinner at Cha for Tea, went to see Lady in the Water, and had some tangerine frappuccino to end the night.

Santa Anita Mall Wednesday with Bobby. We had lunch at CPK (I ate too much, as usual), walked around, fit some jeans at Express (Bobby splurged $80 on his purchases), walked around some more and went in various stores, including Solstice. They had this really cool pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses that would require half of my savings account to pay for, but they were bomb anyway. I had another tangerine frappuccino in Arcadia, and we made a pit stop at Karina's. Seriously, I'm getting sick of seeing Karina everyday. JK Jarina Kane! For the third day in a row, I tried to sit down and watch V but again there were too many distractions! In the afternoon, Jerry picked us up and we made a stop at Covina to edit the PCN video, went back to Karina's, stole some of her mom's Shakey's potatoes, and made our way to Eagle Rock. Queen bH was supposed to return a couple of videos and made it just in time when the manager was closing the store. We had dinner at some really obscure Thai restaurant in Glendale called Indra. It was a little funny and embarrassing at the same time because at the end of the day, everyone was close to penniless, the restaurant accepts cash only, so we had to dig inside our wallets to pay for our meals! On the way back, we got a bit lost but thanks to Bobby's keen sense of direction, we all made it back home. Haha.

Now here I am, early Friday morning, mulling over the recent foiled terrorist plots and the realization that I might not be able to take Chapstick and a bottle of water onboard ever again. You get dehydrated at 30,000 feet, you know. Without my customized special eau and my trustworthy lip moisturizer, the world might come to an end. Right. I'm hoping they still give free Origins packs in first class.

Various Eats:

Hot Stuff Cafe
315 S San Gabriel Blvd
San Gabriel, CA

Ajisen Ramen
4937 Encinita Ave
Temple City, CA

Cha for Tea
2 E Main St
Alhambra, CA

Indra Restaurant
517 S Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA

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