20 October 2006

kayako saeki v. thomas hewitt, wide v. skinny

Of course, Kayako-san has Toshio and all her other minions as backup, but then Leatherface has his own cannibalistic posse and a chainsaw. Man, I should give the crappy horror genre a break.

Carol celebrated her 18th birthday a week early, which fits my schedule perfectly seeing as next week is death week for me. Moving on. Okay, so it was kind of a repeat of last Friday with three more people this time, but I actually had more fun even though I'm sick. I was probably relishing the fact that I was celebrating someone else getting older.

You had to be there when she had one foot in the men's restroom (and I had to ruin it again, I should've not said anything, darn it!). She did not realize she was about to see urinals and urinal cakes. Remember to read next time, Agwire!

We saw Regina King buying a movie ticket with another female! This was at Pacific Paseo Theatres in Pasadena. She was dressed in a white tank top and sweatpants and she seemed like she was in a hurry to catch the movie. Shyea.

Oh and today, I was wearing a male version blend of ChloƩ's wide-leg paperbag waist pants and flat front pants except mine had little box pleats with deep pockets. Teehee. Geriatric chic at its best (or worst), depending on who you ask, but totally the antithesis of skinny jeans.

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