15 November 2006

Добрый вечер!

That's "Good evening!" in Russian.

First, the bad news. My 20/20 vision wil never be the same! And I can't stop laughing! Now, if you don't like the intersexed, booty self-groping, skimpy clothing, weird bulges, and scary mugs, then I don't recommend watching this video. Don't even entertain the thought of pressing play. If it starts to play automatically, trust your index finger to quickly pause the darn thing! I repeat. Do not watch this video:

And now, the good news. If you love RBD and you say "O sea, hello" at the end of each sentence, dressed up as an Elite Way School student for Halloween, or if you simply want to view some eyecandy (guys or girls), then what are you waiting for?! This video has such a Huntington Beach feel to it. The sand, the waves, the spectacular cinematography. Brilliant. Enjoy the video:

When are the others going to sing in English? I know some people are saying "K mierda!" or "Rebelde es para las personas que son imbéciles como los 'actores' en el show!" but I don't care! Anyway, their English album is coming out December 19, 2006!

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