05 November 2006

one more person ages!

Just kidding, Ryan.

After trying to sit through a video about. . . Good grief, I can't even remember what it was about, but I do remember that half the class was taking a nap! Anyway, that long-forgotten video coupled with serious pangs of hunger made me really irritable. I only had two pieces of bacon in the morning and then I had to dash. All throughout lecture, I chewed three sticks of Orbit and had occasional sips of green tea. I was in starvation mode by 12:20pm. Scarfing down a bag of chips and a slice of cheesecake within ten minutes is a really bad idea, as I learned.

Fridays are so exhausting.

When everyone was done with their fussing and primping, we finally made our way to Old Town Pasadena and waited twenty minutes for a table at Noodle World (I recommend the beef panang and the Thai barbecue chicken). The waiting area was packed with young hapa Pasadenans and their mothers, various Asian folk, and businessmen in their Prada suits and Dior Homme skinny ties, so my claustrophobic, semi-ulcerated self decided to step out for some air and sit outside Aux Delices and suffer quietly. While the others bought Ryan a birthday cupcake (as we all know, they're the new birthday cakes, especially if you're on a budget), I was watching a homeless man smoking on the sidewalk holding a cat on a leash who seemed to be getting a lot of attention. That cat was a major headturner.

Noodle World Pasadena
24 West Colorado Boulevard
Old Pasadena, CA 91106

Aux Delices
16 West Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91105

So then, we finally get the table, ordered (I thought a pot of hot Jasmine tea would help, but it didn't), ate, sang Feliz CumpleaƱos and then sprinted (just kidding), no, drove to the movie theatre. There were no sightings of San-Gabriel-Valley-dwelling celebrities and no photobooth pictures, either. I was drained and I desperately tried to fall asleep while Flushed Away was playing, but I was unsuccessful.

Lesson learned: Pack at least a granola bar or an apple every morning.

Another lesson learned: Rats know what toilets are.

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