11 November 2006


annie: OMG!! they're doing a philippines' next top model! for real!
ilshs: why?

I wonder how this one will go and what kind of girls they're looking for. Are they going for the usual Philippine showbusiness beau ideal? For girls, that means fair skin and a sleek nose, so you either have to have a little bit of Spanish or Chinese or both in you.


I wonder if they will go beyond that image and also search for tall, dark, willowy, unmistakably Filipina girls. They don't necessarily have to be of Aeta origin, but I think they need to bring in girls that will add some interest to a generally homologous current roster of personalities. I also wonder what the prize(s) will be.

I can wait.

The only thing I know is that actress and former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektaş will host the show. I remember back in early 2003 when she flew to Paris with her then fiancé, Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektaş, ready to drop hundreds of thousands of Liras for a made-to-order wedding dress. Originally, Ruffa wanted Chanel, Balenciaga, or Valentino but the Kaiser, Monsieur Ghesquière, and Sig. Garavani all told the disappointed bride-to-be that she should have contacted their respective Houses six months earlier. They suggested that she choose one from the racks but she declined. Eventually, Ruffa settled for one of the Philippine's master couturiers, Inno Sotto.

Tsk, tsk. The scheiße that fashion puts you through.

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