14 November 2006

seven sticks for amber milam

Photo courtesy of Supreme

Thanks to Amber Milam (Supreme) for being patient and for being such a sport. So funny and such a chill girl. She remains grounded despite her rising distinction in the industry. Amber did her turn at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Costello Tagliapietra, and with that kind of foundation, we can only follow her uphill!

Play tour guide for one second. What is the absolute most amazing thing about where you're from, Bowling Green, Kentucky?

My friends, downtown, the hanging out, the mall, pretty much everything.

I think most people would agree that the model Amber is elegant and energetic. What is the real Amber like?
Spaztic. Bad speller. Loud. Pretends she can dance and rap. Art and theater geek. Musically cultured. Always hanging out. Likes to ride around aimlessly. Pretty much a regular 16 yr. old mall rat.

You seem very relaxed about modeling. How do you view it? Do you consider it work or generally just an outlet for creativity and a means to have fun?
Eh...I don't know..I'm 16..it's work. But I'm having a cool time...so it's whatever to me...so long as I can chill..I'm game with anything.

What are the most played song(s) on your iPod?
Ogod. That's hard...
Anything by these:
Regina Spektor.
Lil Jon.
Marilyn Manson.
Alan Jackson.
Elliott Smith.
Deathcab for Cutie.
Postal Service.
Vanessa Carlton.
and a lot of 90's.

In any field, industry or profession, where are you looking forward to work in the future?
Photography or theater.

Still planning to pursue your dreams of being a tattoo artist?
LOL. Prolly not. But I still draw like crazy.

To survive this winter, one needs _____, _____, and _____.
Movies. Coat. Probably food.

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