08 November 2006

seven sticks for behati prinsloo

I asked one of my friends to name all seven objects in the picture of this post's headline. She told me, "from left to right, ruler, cigarette, lipstick, popsicle stick, mascara wand, matchstick and some stick."

She then proceeds to say, "I get the stick theme here, but I don't know what that last thing is."

I tell her, "it's a Pocky stick."

"Those things are so good. Strawberry Pocky is my favorite," she replies.

"They are good. And no, that's not a mascara wand, it's a hockey stick."

"That's one small hockey stick."

Haha. Thanks, Karina. Anyway, while I was brainstorming an image to accompany my "Seven Sticks" posts, I thought of drawing seven cigarettes side by side to keep the i love secondhand
smoke theme. Realizing that I don't really have a particular theme, and the post would end up sounding or looking like I gave out free Marlboros (and that would be offensive to some), I decided on a different drawing. But hey, I kept one cigarette and everything else is different.

A little diversity is good.

On to the real topic!

Photo courtesy of Supreme

I'm so lucky that the beautiful and engaging Namibian model Behati Prinsloo (Supreme) was gracious enough to let me interview her. Supreme is best known for their far-from-cookie-cutter girls, girls that dramatically change the face of fashion. Recently, Behati walked all the major Spring Summer 2007 runways from ChloƩ and Chanel to Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent and she is the current Nina Ricci girl. Despite her hectic schedule and the pouring rain in New York, she answered a few questions for i love secondhand smoke.

What do you miss most about Namibia?
What I miss most is my family and friends. They are a really big part of my life and I dont get to see them that much anymore. My parents actually came over now from Namibia to visit me. It's their first time to America, but I also miss the wide open spaces, camping in the bush with my friends, riding horses. I'm a real nature freak, love the outdoors!!! and I miss all of that a lot.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration in life?
I really get inspired by nature, the beauty of it, weird art, extreme sports. I just think it's amazing what the human body can do. I have a lot of really good skateboard friends who's really good and I find that kind of thing so inspiring. I'm actually trying to learn it myself. It's going slow though, not as easy as it looks hehehe. People in general is a huge inspiration to me!!!

Who are your best model pals?
Julia Dunstall, Coco, Bette, Heidi, Rachel, Romina, etc.

Which Spring Summer 07 runway show was your favorite and why?
Marc Jacobs... I just think he's amazing at what he does, soooo creative I love it!!! I have to say one of the funnest shows always just coz of the great vibe and energy is Zac Posen!! Givenchy was out of this world too. Oh my amazing great great great everything about it!!!

What do you think is this season's ultimate must-have item?
Do you mean for the winter?? Well today its an umbrella soooo much rain dude....;) If so I would say a pair of Marc Jacobs boots and bag!!

Any upcoming plans besides fashion or modeling?
Well I really wanna be a good skateboarder so I'm working on that, wanna travel a lot see all the amazing things that you dont see in every day life. I wanna go and explore on places not a lot of people know about.

Any valuable beauty or fashion advice?
Never wear too much make up and stuff. Be natural and look after your body, skin, and hair. You only live once so go for it!!! Oh and smile a lot!

There you go! Such a cool and energetic supreme girl!

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