12 November 2006

seven sticks for cierra jonasson

Photo courtesy of Supreme

Supreme models are so awfully nice, I tell you! A few days ago, Canadian model Cierra Jonasson (Supreme) kindly agreed to an interview. The buzz in the industry points to Cierra being a Juliette Lewis incarnate. Watch Too Young to Die? (along with Brad Pitt) and you'll see what I mean! Here, the lithe 5'10" charmer talks with i love secondhand smoke about life in Canada, her transformation from long, light brown hair to a short mod-inspired 'do, and her affirmaton of a normal life as a teenager despite her rising status.

Before getting scouted, what was your life like at home?
I basically went to school like a normal teenager, and spent time with my friends. Life was just what I think of now, normal.

How did you feel about your radical haircut? Any tears or were you receptive towards it from the beginning?
Well even during the haircut process, I was in hysterics. I couldn't stop crying! I wasn't up for the change at all. It took me a couple days to even get used to the change. Now it's as if it was nothing, and I don't even understand why it shocked me so much.

How is it being represented by Supreme? How are the other models and agents?
Being with Supreme is really cool. They are really good with getting the girls out there and noticed. The other models at the agency are so unique, and so great to get along with.

What was your latest purchase?
The last thing I bought clothing-wise, would be grey Lulu Lemon pants. They are made out of Lycra, and very comfortable!

What are you planning to do these coming holidays?
I'm planning on going to Barbados with my family for Xmas and New Years. I can't wait.

Any developments fashion-wise right now? Anything you can divulge?
Hmm. Well I'm not sure what the question means, but I haven't been working much, because I'm just at home right now going to school. I did a look book for a Canadian designer the other day, and that was pretty sweet, to be able to work, in my own city.

What's the greatest piece of advice you have received and can share with everyone?
Fashion wise; just be yourself, and keep your head up high. Life wise; just keep smiling, music can save anyday.

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