06 November 2006

stem cells and satiny-soft femininity

Photo courtesy of chiangforcalifornia.com

Little girl next to California State Controller candidate John Chiang looks like she's bored. Or crabby. Maybe a bee stung her head. Maybe she doesn't know what "self-renewal", "totipotent", or "in vitro" mean. Maybe Mr Chiang should realize that he's preaching to the wrong demographic.

Haha. Seriously, that is the real caption to that image in John Chiang's website. Laughable.

Of course I have to pick on the Republican, too.

Photo courtesy of my TV

In a statement delivered to the press a few hours ago, California State Controller candidate Tony Strickland explained:

"She took off her clothes, revealing her satiny-soft femininity."

This shocking confession about certain illicit occurrences behind closed office doors led to Strickland's abrupt withdr— Just kidding! It's nothing more than screwed up closed captioning, that's all.

Let's all lighten up amidst all this tension.

Hey, that's free promotion for Strickland and Chiang.

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 11:50 PM