05 December 2006

seven sticks for sessilee lopez

In a span of less than three years, Sessilee Lopez (IMG) has accomplished a lot. In the past, she has walked for numerous shows including Jean Paul Gaultier, Badgley Mischka, Peter Som, and Behnaz Sarafpour. She has appeared on the covers of Wonderland and Deutsch, and has racked up editorials for Harper's Bazaar, Pop, and Italian Vogue just to name a few. She and I share Pennsylvania as our former state of residence! Here, the super nice and friendly Sessilee talks about her killer walk, her downtime get-up, and the haircut that rocked the icebergs in Reykjavik.

How would you describe your runway walk?
My walk it's a crazy one, many people call it fierce but I like to think of it to be very strong and commanding.

What do you think is the best thing to have come from Philly? Except you and Rocky Balboa, of course.
Well Philadelphia is known for its cheese steaks lol, but there has been a lot of talented people from Philly. You have Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Eve, and the all time great Patti Labelle. lol

What's the best and worst part about modeling?
Ok you're going to get the honest truth about this question. The best part of modeling would have to be traveling to exotic places, seeing different cultures and being able to adapt to a different land. Now the worst thing about modeling would have to be the long hours and being away from my family and friends, because family and friends are the only thing that keep me sane in this industry because it's so easy to get caught up in yourself and it's nothing like having your mom check you like, "Ok big shot go do the dishes" lol then you realize you're not on top yet.

If you saw Sessilee Lopez strolling down the sidewalk, she would probably be wearing _____.
If you ran into me on the street you would probably be disappointed because I'm a big fan of being comfortable so most likely I'll have on some skinny jeans and an oversized hoody and big sun glasses and a pair of Converses.

If you saw Sessilee Lopez at a red carpet event, she would probably be wearing _____.
Wow see this question I'm not sure of because it would depend on the event and the weather lol but I do love playing dress up so maybe a nice form fitting dress and a huge heel. I love high heels lol.

Would you go back to your à la Grace Jones flat top?
That Grace Jones hair cut is what launched my career so most likely. I love the short hair it's so easy to maintain so yeah I'll rock it any day of the week.

You launched a website and part of it is to reach out to girls who are interested in modeling. What's the most important advice that you can give these aspiring models, especially the ones who are very young?
The best advice I can tell anyone who is interested in this industry is stay true to yourself. And if it's possible keep your mom nearby because having my mom by my side has helped me in so many ways I can't even begin to explain.

Photo credit IMG.

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