29 December 2006

what the phở: a holiday flashback

Just something funny, taken approximately a year ago in the suburbs of ATL, in Duluth, Georgia. Great phở, great interiors. I think Georgia has the ideal winter weather. It doesn't snow (yay, no shoveling) but the weather is amazingly cool so you actually get to wear winter clothes.

Last year, I went out-of-state and actually did something but this year, nothing happened. It's so much fun, I tell you. I've resorted to drawing Flavia de Oliveira (maybe I'll post that one of these days), playing cards, watching DVDs, and Nordstromming for last-minute presents. I have yet to shop for myself but it's really nice to see cool and cute stuff and buying them for your friends.

Where the eff can I find Cheap Monday in LA? All the bomb boutiques are in NY.

I need to fly there ASAP.

And me want some bánh mì.

I'm turning Vietnamese. I think I'm turning Vietnamese. I really think so.

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 1:17 PM

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"What the PHO?" It's pretty brilliant.

Don't worry, we'll go to New York someday. And we'll have lots of fun..maybe drink cosmopolitans, go to the museums and definitely go shopping like crazy!

Posted by Blogger Ruth @ 11:33 PM #
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