14 January 2007

copenhagen calamity

That's a compliment, by the way.

(click to enlarge)

What's up with the frightening, interesting, and artsy-fartsy Henrik Vibskov website? What are those things hanging from the fluorescent lights on the ceiling?! Why are those dudes wrapped in plastic?! Are those plastic boobs impaled?!

Ah, it's just Danish fashionable eccentricity at its geekiest. And there's Danish model Thomas Andreasen fronting the (hysterically- and objectifiably-titled) SS07 collection.

Henrik Vibskov's clothes are such gems. They're very dorky but my, do these clothes work or what? For menswear, I love the layering of the cardigans and the cool-finds-at-Goodwill feel. The way some of the loose pieces are balanced with more form-fitting ones is refreshing. There are one too many skinny-from-head-to-toe sticklers out there. Just get rid of the keffiyeh and the genital tee, and everything else looks fine!

Photo credits Henrik Vibskov

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