12 January 2007

double vision: jaime & gemma

On the left is Jaime King at the 33rd People's Choice Awards, wearing something that looks very familiar. The necklaces are different but look, but she's wearing something very similar to a FW05 Lanvin dress worn by Gemma Ward on the runway!

I know some people are either making gagging sounds or laughing their 34-inch behinds off, but I think it looks beautiful on her. That season is my favorite Lanvin by Alber Elbaz and who cares if it was (not one, but) two seasons ago!

What's funnier is if you're Samuel L Jackson. If you've starred in Snakes on a Plane and Black Snake Moan, a bunch of repertory players are most likely going to create parodies like "Black Snakes Moaning on a Plane". Oh and porn studios too.

So off topic but ew.

Photo credits (Left-Right) HQCB, Style.com

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