25 January 2007

five sticks for julia restoin roitfeld

Only five today instead of seven! But hey, who needs seven when you're interviewing Julia Restoin Roitfeld. The name says it all! If you don't know by now, sa maman est Carine Roitfeld, la rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris. Julia graduated from Parsons with a BBA in Design Management in mid-2006. In November of last year, she became the face of the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance campaign, which is stunningly majestic (an image above). Beautiful, fashionable, and entrepreneurial, she's carving a well-manicured path with her own company that concentrates on art direction, creative direction, and graphic design. Looking forward to more great things from Julia!

What constitutes your perfect breakfast?
Whole wheat English muffin with honey, coffee and soy milk, and fresh carrot/apple ginger juice (if time allows!).

How do you get along with your brother Vladimir?
Extremely well, he is 4 years younger than me but I feel secure and protected (maybe over-protected!) with him as if he was my older brother.

Who is your shoe designer of choice?
Both Marc by Marc and Alaïa, two very different styles but both extremely feminine.

What's the best advice you've gotten from your mom?
"It's never too much when you are in your 20's, so..have fun!"

You graduated from Parsons last year. What kind of career path do you want to take on?
I am freelancing at Baron and Baron right now and have also created a small design company called Global Design Inc which allows me to work freelance on other projects!
I have always been attracted with everything that has to do with images so I am just looking forward to do as many fun and exciting projects!

Photo credit Tom Ford Black Orchid

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oh my goodness, how exciting! how did you get this interview?

Posted by Blogger Flashy_Shades @ 8:41 AM #

Hmmm... I don't understand all the hype with Julia Restoin, I don't think she is that stylish...
Gasp! You're into RBD! Hahaha! So do I! (But its a secret though... it kinda shames me!)

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 9:07 PM #
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