30 January 2007

gah! -lliano

John Galliano, is this an homage to Hannibal Lecter? Three... Extremes? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I saw the dirtied up Japanese culture references, but I was somewhat scared seeing these. They're like a parade of horror movies. I was bleeding by the end of the show.

Speaking of Hannibal Lecter, what happened to Gaspard Ulliel?! What happened to Manech le survivant de Bingo Crépuscule? What happened to Gaspard the Dior Homme boy? And speaking of Dior Homme, I'm glad to see there weren't any bowl cuts on the recent show! Okay, I'm digressing. So what happened to him?! I'm starting to see the Andy Samberg comparison that some people have been mentioning for a while. Not funny Andy Samberg. Sinister Andy Samberg.

Not really digging the dark and the gritty. Someone turn the lights on!

Back to John Galliano. Bottom line: The theatrics detracted from the few wearable clothes. Anyway, he had that fun Shakira thing going on at the end of show, no?

Photo credits Men.Style.com

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That is freakin scary. Period.

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