17 January 2007

near-extinct locks and dangerous accessories

What will happen to the Karen Elsons, Cintia Dicker, and Lily Coles of the future?

A study says that natural redheads will die out by the end of the century.

But get this, "Fun, creative and sexually prolific - new research in Germany reveals that redheads have more sex than their peers."

Red hair. Sexually prolific. Sounds familiar! Someone will definitely have lots of sexually prolific redhead descendants.

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What do the Louis Vuitton Miroir, Miu Miu Coffer, and Chanel Coco Cabas all have in common? The bags' extra-large size coupled with numerous heavy purse-stuffers and improper posture can pose a health hazard on your shoulder, neck, or back.

Of course, if you're a nice Armenian girl like Kim Kardashian, you're not going to stuff away those oversize beauties. I mean seriously, who listened when they said 5" Manolos can kill you?

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Photo credits (Top-Bottom) The Fashion Spot, Net-a-porter.com

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