09 January 2007

"old" is the new "new"

Or "new" is the new "old". Whatever that means.

The secret to why only a handful of establishments live long and thrive (à la Kaiser Permanente) is not because of shamrocks or the Chinese noodle philosophy. Excellent craftsmanship, a loyal and sometimes prominent and moneyed client base, and classic but cross-generational appeal all contribute to longstanding success.

Retour a l'école necessities for February:

Mentha Lip Shine is a lip balm and breath freshener in one. I'm not quite sure if it's safe to ingest but I wouldn't personally do it! I saw a friend once pull it out, I took one whiff and I was hooked. That sounded like a drug reference but it really is an amazing product. As the oldest apothecary in the United States, C.O. Bigelow is teaming up with GenArt to look for an artist to redesign its apothecary jar. For more details on the contest, click here and you can download an application here.

The oldest French malletier, Goyard has been making quality luggage and leather goods since 1853 (take that, Vuitton!). Of course, it now manufactures modern and functional items, including the Urbain messenger bag. I love that the print is reminiscent of M.C. Escher's (one of my favorite artists) work.

I would love a pair of spectator shoes! Dior reintroduced women's spectator shoes a couple of seasons ago and Brooks Brothers, America's oldest clothing retalier, is having these cap-toes on sale right now. I want!

It's why they drew popular patrons like Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, and Abraham Lincoln. It's that inveterate iconicity!

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) C.O. Bigelow, Maison E. Goyard, Brooks Brothers.

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I was searching for my blog (to see how hard it was to find = really hard) when I saw an article with the exact same title. Hmm. So I came to your site. Lo and behold, you are a transplanted CA and to boot, a nursing student. I am both of these things, also. What are the chances of two transplanted califonians, currently in nursing school writing a blog in the same week with the exact same (very creative, I may add) title? Mindboggling. Weird weird weird. My wife will love this blog, btw. :)

Posted by Blogger Jonathan H. @ 11:34 AM #
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