18 January 2007

snow, rude cashiers, & great hair

California's crazy!

It snowed in Malibu yesterday.

Guess who checked into rehab yesterday afternoon? Yes, none other than Miss Miu Miu campaign. About time. She's been attending AA meetings but I guess those weren't very effective.

Posh was house hunting in Hollywood recently. Do we really need another reason why Los Angeles is not being taken seriously fashion-wise?

Today, I'm going to have to phone the local Office Depot because yesterday Miss Rude McHuffingcrass behind the checkout counter decided to give me attitude. All I wanted to do was buy ink for my printer and there she was, typing away furiously on the cash register and scoffing like a little five-year-old.

To quote her, "Well, you should've given me the empty ink cartridge before the purchase."

I'll have to talk to the manager and try to get her trainee a** punished. Can you believe she's only in training and with all that audacity to get so combative towards me? She should've thought about her (prospective) job before she let herself go in a fit of insolence.

Anyway, composing myself. On to the task at hand. This is where the "great hair" part comes in.

The Men's Fall Winter 2007 shows are underway. While reviews are mostly about the clothes, let's take a look at hairstyles at some of the shows so far.

(Clockwise, starting from top left)

Spotted at Burberry Prorsum, a newly redhead Nick Snider (VNY). Love the eyebrows, too!
At Missoni, pulled-back hair via headbands on Mael Dalla-Zuanna (Ford).
Eddie Klint (DNA) with a modern Caesar cut at Prada.
At Alessandro Dell'Acqua, middle-part glory on Owen Steuart (Wilhelmina). Love the silver gloves!
At Calvin Klein, Sean O (VNY) looking clean and dapper.
Also at Calvin Klein, Bev Moore (Ford) with a generous amount of bangs.
Toned-down pompadour on Marios Lekkas (DNA) at D&G.
Ryan Taylor (IMG) at Valentino looking very classic and exuding Italian flair.
Danny Beaucham (Select) sporting a cybernetic chic coiff at Alexander McQueen à la Jude Law in A.I.

I'm loving the ski resort feel at Missoni and Gucci. Love, love.

Photo credit Men.Style.com

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