01 February 2007

better late than never

1 Rinko Kikuchi in Chanel.
Thank goodness she dyed her hair dark brown. I did not like the bleached look and the white Chanel in the Golden Globes but here in a beautiful Chanel frock, a pose that's rarely seen outside of high fashion, dewy glowing skin, and black flats, she gets my vote! Some people might say, "Flats? In awards season?" I say, "Sure, why not?" She owns that look!

2 Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé.
This woman can wear anything because she carries all her outfits with poise and elegance. Gorgeous.

3 Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin.
She looks just like one of Alber Elbaz's SS07 girls! From the earrings to the hair, she looks like she's hot off the runway. Very sexy and pulled-together, if she could only lose the bangles! Oh and I think she looks healthier than ever.

4 Helen Mirren in Donna Karan.
Age-appropriate without being dated or tacky. That pop of lemon yellow satin is just perfect!

5 Sandra Oh in Giorgio Armani.
Soft and flouncy, the total opposite of Cristina Yang. She's so outstanding and so funny and this dress is really her!

Again, better late than never but does anyone get Mr Blackwell? I just don't get the point of his annual worst-dressed lists. Why even bother making one? The last women you dressed were who? Peggy Lee, Jayne Mansfield, and Jane Russell?

Granted, there are some on his list who dress quite disastrously but for the rest, all he does is spew hatred on those women of the moment.

Photo credits Fashion Wire Daily

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Love Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin. That dress is so beautiful, that literally hurts my eyes.

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 1:29 PM #
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