15 February 2007

face off


Looks like Models.com has found some formidable competition by the name of Faceforward. While Models.com has been around since the start of the new millenium, Faceforward is relatively new. Both websites have fashion week coverage, rankings, feeds, interviews, and agency partnerships. What sets them apart? Let's break down both websites.

Clearly the veteran of the two, Models.com prides itself in providing membership for aspiring models all over the world. It's well-known for its Top 50 Female and Male Model lists and Of the Minute updates. It has had very good fashion week coverage in the past, giving site visitors access to backstage photos and videos (which Faceforward lacks) at shows like Marc by Marc, Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler, and Doo.ri. Recently, it has been in somewhat of a slump. Its FW07 coverage was not as thorough and not as exciting as past seasons. Evidently, its ranking system gives more room for more girls and its co-ed Model of the Week is twice the freshness, so a huge pair of thumbs up to all of those features.

It's fresher, sleeker, and definitely a lot newer. Don't expect to see established faces in Faceforward's ranking system because it's a lot friendlier to newer blood, which might be good or bad for some. It has excellent coverage of the couture shows, the men's shows in Milan, the NY shows, and the ongoing London shows, and with a fashion calendar to boot. Though its Face of the Week is just that, one face and one face only, it follows up with an interview. It does have a few cons, like the lack of visitor interaction and participation. It doesn't have membership or forums. Ultimately, what makes it stand out are its model profiles and one-of-a-kind ranking system.

So which one is better? You tell me!

MDC Top 10 Girls / FF Top 10 Girls:
1. Gemma Ward / Johanna Stickland
2. Malgosia Bela & Raquel Zimmermann / Ekat Kiseleva
3. Doutzen Kroes & Julia Stegner / Elsa Sylvan
4. Freja Erichsen & Iselin Steiro / Diana Moldovan
5. Sasha Pivovarova & Jessica Stam / Kristina Vaiciunaite
6. Hilary Rhoda & Maria Carla Boscono / Truus Hooiveld
7. Lily Donaldson & Caroline Trentini / Luize Salmgrieze
8. Coco Rocha & Irina Lazareanu / Elianne Smit
9. Anja Rubik / Eva Arlauskaite
10. Natasha Poly / Lara Stone

MDC Top 10 Guys / FF Top 10 Guys:
1. Mathias Lauridsen / Joschka Netz
2. Bev Moore / Marcus Hedbrandh
3. Eddie Klint / Stas Svetlichny
4. Lars Burmeister / Dimitri Vankerkoven
5. Eugen Bauder / Caio Vaz
6. Evandro Soldati / Mads Larson
7. Danny Beaucham / Sean Opry
8. Nicolas Bemberg / Ryan Taylor
9. Jamie Dornan / Jesper Lund
10. Andrew Richardson / Sebastien Lund

Photo credits Models.com, Faceforward

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you are a lucky boy sweetie!!! congratulations on your marc jacobs winning!!

p.s: my pick is ff.

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 11:08 PM #

i love face forward!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:36 PM #

face forward is more for fashion professionals looking for the next face.

models.com is a bit of that - even though they are less visionary and just summing up trends. and it is also geared for model wannabe's who will not likely ever make it big. they just want to make money off them.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:16 AM #
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