22 February 2007

goodbye newport

Well, it's really Goodbye Malibu, Redondo Beach, Agoura Hills, Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, LA, Manhattan Beach, USC, UCLA, Valencia, San Pedro, Marina Del Rey, and the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

The OC has filmed all over Southern California and I will miss all the great outfits and the wonderful sets and locations. It slid downhill after a while but Marissa and Summer dressed better and better every week.

Wearing Chanel couture to your Senior prom? Why, accessorize with
the soon-to-be perpetrator of vehicular manslaughter.

Ah, Malibu sunsets. Those are always nice.

Marissa Cooper says goodbye.

R.I.P. The OC

Photo credits Mischa-B.com

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I'm so sad... I loved the O.C!

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 8:03 PM #
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