05 February 2007

help! i'm craving metallics!

I already told luxuryduck. I want to eat metallic jewelry right now.

I don't think I'd want to wear metallic pants or a metallic shirt. I don't wear ties on a regular basis so I don't think a tie is a wise buy. I don't wear jewelry. Belts come in metals so those are already blah. That leaves me with shoes.

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE know where I can get a size 10 of these beautiful Marc Jacobs Vans slip-ons (above)? They're from a couple of seasons ago. My favorite online store does not have it in my size. I don't fit in an 8 or a 13. Of course, Marc Jacobs on Melrose doesn't have it anymore. I called Marc Jacobs on Mercer and they don't have it, either.

Help! God knows I can't afford gold Pierre Hardy (below) so I'll settle for silver Marc Jacobs.

Photo credits Marc Jacobs, Pierre Hardy

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 12:05 AM

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omg--i thought of you today when i was at a dior party. there was a south african singer there with the dior homme gold men's platform boots on....and i know you would have killed for them.

lots of love,


Posted by Blogger luxuryduck @ 4:35 AM #
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