06 March 2007

liplock & lipstick

Misters Hernandez & McCullough made out in Times Square for Flaunt.

This is way before Proenza Schouler was born.

Just an interesting bit when the PS for Target craze has died down.

More lip stories! Think of it as added fuel for their $25 LancĂ´me Le Rouge Absolu Proenza Pink lipstick. Wear it and it'll be like snogging the PS boys. Or Gucci Westman. Or their SS07 runway models.

Whatever works for you.

I remember reading this post a while back, so there you go! I'm promoting you, D Perrett!

(via COACD)

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 6:52 PM

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love your blog but is it me or do your blog posts come after the sidebar?? like... after one scrolls really really really down... regards

Posted by Blogger the_kitten @ 4:25 AM #

oh my lord...
boys in fur coats making out in times square
what is the world coming to?


i forgot all about the alamodey quote but it's one of my faves too.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 6:55 AM #
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