11 March 2007

wallpaper ♥ hussein chalayan

The March 2007 issue of Wallpaper features the famous Hussein Chalayan robodress on its limited edition cover.

Part 1

Part 2

Above are videos of his FW07 collection. Love his work!

Photo credit Wallpaper

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can i be THAT GIRL for a moment and sound like a total idiot?
so you're a nursing student.
is the environment ANYTHING like on medical shows? grey's, scrubs, house?
i know i know, they are television shows and in real life most medical patients' problems don't coincide with the goings-on of their respective doctors and nurses. and also, that many attractive people don't work in hospitals all at one time.
but i actually want to know a bit about the hospital environment- you know, working there- because i might like to try being a candy striper this summer.
mainly for the cute little outfit.
but it would feel nice to help people a bit.
so if you could just tell me a bit about the environment i'd totally appreciate it.
i don't expect it to be ANYTHING like tv but...y'never know, right?

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 7:07 PM #

yay! thank you so much.
i totally need help because i would have to apply for the job by the weekend if i want to do it over spring break and my friend katie was a nurse but isn't being helpful whatsoever.
email is emma369@yahoo.com,
so i would totally appreciate the help.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 10:01 PM #

I so love Hussein Chalayan's work. I hope this means great things for the future of fashion, like day to night outfits (or late night sleepovers to AM work)all with a click of a button!

Posted by Blogger CountryGirl_CityLife @ 11:19 AM #
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