29 March 2007

we ♥ charo ronquillo!

Reppin' the +63 country code (okay, that's a little prétentieux) is Miss Charo Ronquillo! She's in the March 2007 issue of Marie Claire in a 7-page spread.

So pretty! Look at her! I've heard people say that her beauty doesn't translate to the runway. I've seen her runway pictures and I've noticed a couple of things. First, the lighting is so unflattering on her skin tone. Because the majority of the catwalkers are Caucasian, fairer-skinned individuals tend to pop out more. Second, her makeup in the pictures was so horribly done. Again, there have been few to no Filipina runway models in the past decade so makeup artists don't really have much to learn from.

Oh but I'm so excited for her! Walk that walk, Charo. Has anyone seen her walk?

Damn girl, that a** off the chinain!

Thank you to Patrick for the heads up!

Photo credit Sarah McColgan for Marie Claire

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 9:25 PM

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she's gorgey. wish i looked like her.
she actually looks like a real and fun person.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 12:33 PM #

That orange belt is brilliant.

Posted by Blogger Katie @ 10:57 AM #

Go Charo, go!!!

Posted by Anonymous dawnselya @ 10:49 PM #


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:20 PM #

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