25 April 2007

from belarus with love

You already know these beautiful faces:

Maryna Linchuk (DNA)

Olga Sherer (One)

Veronika Antsipava (DNA)

Looks like Belarusians are stepping it up. Look out for these new girls:

Miakina (IMG)

Anabela Belikova (IMG)

Each season, they seem to get younger and younger, but IMG undoubtedly has one of the best new finds!

Photo credits (top-bottom) DNA, COACD, DNA, IMG, IMG

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 8:49 PM

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the last two stand out for me the most. stunning beauty

Posted by Blogger Siobhan @ 3:31 AM #

god, they're so beautiful. me=jealous.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 8:08 AM #

Bitches. (Feeling fat right now!)

Much love.

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 12:08 AM #
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