23 April 2007

"i'm pissed."

"I've put my heart and soul into this and it wasn't enough and I got called a bitch the whole way through it and it sucks and I feel really misunderstood and I'm sad. It's just bum city right now."

~ America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 runner-up Melrose Bickerstaff, on losing to CariDee English

Um, yeah. That's her walking Fall 2007 Malan Breton. She's supposedly signed with Bleu and LA Models, but I can't find any proof. I came across some fashion nudes of her over at Fashion Model Directory. Interesting. I still say her big stumbling block is that she photographs old.

Why do I watch ANTM again?

Photo credit Nikola Tamindzic and Gawker

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 11:03 PM

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Poor Malan. I was passing by his show last season on my way to an appointment, and the promoters were on the street asking people if they wanted to come in and watch a fashion show. Asking pedestrians off the street! And this was right after his season on Project:Runway. Joskoday! I felt so bad for him that he needed to get non-fashion strangers to fill in his venue.

As far as Melrose is concerned, she's pretty, but not top model material, methinks. And yeah, she looks like she's 30. She can probably get work on a JJill catalogue! LOL I never liked her on ANTM, and that last season was the end of watching that show for me. The Agency was so much better (mmmm, Josh Wald goodness...)

Posted by Blogger George G @ 10:00 AM #

As annoying as Melrose was, there was also something a little vulgar and Hooters-employee-esque about Caridee at times. The "battle of the blondes" was a bit of a damp squib.

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Posted by Blogger Lola Lisbon @ 11:09 AM #

you watch ANTM because it's impossible to NOT.
i mean. hello. it's worth spending the hour in front of the tv just to see what new breed of weave/wig/hair-of-dead-pony the makeup and hair department will fix onto tyra's head THIS week.
ok, maybe that's why I watch ANTM.
still, it's pretty valid.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 1:16 PM #

I only watched the first two seasons of ANTM. Yeah it took me that long to realize that this show is not really a model search but really a huge ego-trip for Tyra. And oh yeah, a huge money earner. Seriously, none of the winners or even any of the contestants have made it semi/quasi big in the modelling industry. This despite the title of the show. Its hilarious really how these girls who sign up still, bless their hearts, believe that they could be America's Next Top Model. Susmaryosep!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:45 PM #

I think I am Melrose's fan club leader; and probably the only member. She SO should have won!!

Posted by Anonymous selina @ 8:25 AM #

i watch top model too! and my favorite model on the show's twiggy!

Posted by Blogger Madhatter @ 10:47 PM #

What the hell IS that pose Melrose is striking at the end of the runway?!?

Posted by Blogger George G @ 6:58 PM #

How old is she again? 48? The fact that she was on "Top" model actually cheapens her reputation. Nothing more humiliating than second place on a mediocre reality show. mmmhmm

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 10:00 PM #
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