09 April 2007

od-ing on ossendrijver

Damir & Branimir Vladušić (Nathalie), twin argentinos of Croatian descent with matching Karen Elson locks front the SS07 Lanvin campaign. Why not Tiago Campos (Success)? Well, check out these digitals as first reported by COACD and you'll find out why. How bangin' are those shoes? SS07 Lanvin is all about metallic shine and luster in classic, casual designs.

Fast forward to FW07 Lanvin and the shoes are all of a sudden athletic and in frosted metallic shades (and some in patent as well). Those are awesome, aren't they? I really like the fuschia high-tops.

I guess that's where we're going. From lustrous to frosted. Another example above, American Apparel. First there were those lamé leggings and now they have nylon tricot leggings.

And how about those hybrid caps-cum-riding hats? Those are on my fall shopping list!

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) Steven Klein for Lanvin, Frillr, American Apparel, Frillr

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 7:48 PM

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i'm going to call them helmets or bucket hats, and i've seen a resurgence on ebay if you're interested.

Posted by Blogger an english girl in new york @ 9:07 PM #

I actually bought Lanvin sneakers last season ( their first season). I love them. Not the most comfortable to be honest but they look great.

Posted by Blogger Rafe Totengco @ 10:49 AM #

oh my lord, me and lanvin needs to get to know each other really quickly.

and i just love your blog.

Posted by Blogger luxuryduck @ 4:50 PM #

I am totally in love with those satin hi-tops. The mirror metallic penny loafers from this Spring are a hard sell - I can see myself wearing them for one season and that's it - at $800? I'm bound to get lotsa irony, just not a lot of airplay for them. Guess I'll have to pass. Bading ako, but I'm not that much of a victim!

Cool blog, by the way. Rafe turned me on to it.

Posted by Blogger George G @ 9:13 PM #

Lovin' the clothes, and the photos. Not so much the twins. Wait, its not about the twins, its their hair. That red. Makes me sick.

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 11:31 PM #

those leggins are so cool!!!!!!!
+molly g.+

Posted by Blogger MOLLY GRAY @ 8:43 AM #

love all the stuff except for the leggings. they hurt my eyes, and i know they'd make my ass look like it had given birth to a litter of baby asses. but they look pretty cute on the models.
fun post!

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 6:38 PM #

Those leggings are so Power Rangers, wow. I know I can't pull them off, my legs are literally 3 centimeters long.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 7:10 PM #

I downloaded all the looks from the Fall07 collection and literally tried to memorize everything hahaha

That's why I wore all navy-blue (actually, midnight blue and dark plum) and white sneakers to a friend's debut.

Posted by Anonymous jed @ 2:20 AM #

That Lanvin campaign is great - the twins are of an outerworthly beauty.

Posted by Blogger underneath @ 8:14 AM #

I love Lanvin, but just don't love their retail price.

Posted by Blogger we could grow up together @ 8:02 PM #
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