05 May 2007

charming charo

Charo doing Triple Five Soul!

A tip-off from an anonymous blogger led me to discover a collage of Charo Ronquillo's (Ford) recent work. Click here to view a visual summary of Charo's modeling résumé.

Go Charo!

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 8:21 PM

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It's a little sad that a third placer at Ford Models' annual modelling competition appears in ads for Saks and Macys and whatnots and walks the runway for relatively obscure labels while a 5th placer like Chanel lands on the cover of Vogue, walks the runways for the biggest designers out there and appears in a Bottega ad.

Sad, sad, sad!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:29 PM #

There's a reason why models from Ford, in general, aren't the biggest stars in the modelling world. You only have to look at that Vogue cover to realize that. For one of the oldest and most respected agencies out there, they seem clueless about what makes a really great model.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:30 AM #

we haven't seen a fab Pinay since Anna Bayle and Melanie Marquez didn't quite make it.

Posted by Blogger Rafe Totengco @ 12:21 PM #

cool, she's beautiful. and i kind of like triple five soul.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 7:24 PM #

Melanie had it all (height, body and that beautiful face) to make it really big in the international modelling circuit but she didn't want it enough that much is clear. Deep inside the woman wanted to be an actress hence her adieu to Paris, Milan and New York for the tinseltown....and sigh, Agatona.

Anna who wasn't quite as tall nor half as beautiful on other hand wanted it, worked it, earned it and eventually made it to the top of her game. I don't think there ever will be another Pinay model who can follow her footsteps. Not in my lifetime anyway.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:01 PM #

Yeah, I remember when Melanie Marquez was making the rounds here in NYC. Rumor had it she got caught up in the lifestyle and paid not enough attention to the job.

Posted by Blogger George G @ 7:41 PM #
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