12 May 2007

the reign of rocha

Coco Rocha (Elite) on the cover of May 2007 Korean Vogue. So awash in gentle pinks and the brightest of whites. So soft and empyreal. It's such a stark contrast to her edgy anime May 2007 Numéro Tokyo cover.

And that's a whole lotta Louis. From the floppy hat to the shoes, that's all LV!

Coco is definitely like no other model. I love the fact that she is not a rail. She posseses an amiable aura that is loved by everyone. Well not exactly everyone. Her beauty is debated left right. Her signature open-mouthed expression is the topic of most arguments. Like her or not, she is popping up everywhere!

Photo credit Alex Cayley for Vogue Korea

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 12:51 AM

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i love how light and airy it looks. It's taking me a while to warm to coco but I think I'm getting there

Posted by Blogger the lipstick lady @ 9:30 AM #

wow, she looks lovely.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 9:21 AM #

These pics convey a certain weightlessness in their pale hues. Usually, I can't stand Coco but this campaign is becoming. gt

Posted by Blogger F.M. @ 4:06 PM #

korean magazines do these advertorials all the time - it's the only way they can get top models. they get paid quite well - not like editorials anywhere else. the fashion company that is featured usually subsidizes the shoot also.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:33 PM #
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