17 May 2007

double, double toil and tumble

Milana Bogolepova (DNA) took a spill at the Dior Cruise 2008 show on Monday night.

Tsk, tsk. look at those shoes. They're the equivalent of roller skates with glued-on wheels. I say she's better off in boots.

Doesn't the babydoll top, actually the whole outfit plus the hair look like something Paris Hilton would wear?

Barfy McBarf.

Photo credit Style.com

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 2:56 AM

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I feel sorry for her. I think she fell twice. People had to help her walk at the end.

Posted by Blogger persuazn @ 8:19 PM #

The top is not so flattering, but I looove the colors!

Posted by Blogger CC @ 11:02 AM #
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