28 May 2007

j-girls are a hit

Anne Watanabe was a contender for the Miss Japan 2004 title.

Last year's Miss Universe first runner-up was from Japan.

This year, Riyo Mori wins the big title.

In Gucci.

Not the best Gucci dress, but it's Gucci nonetheless.

On a side note, Miss USA Rachel Smith falls and gets booed by the crowd. Tsk, tsk.

Photo credits (top-bottom) Miss Universe, Eduardo Verdugo for AP, Style.com

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 10:48 PM

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she got booed AND fell.
thats just sucks.

Posted by Blogger .m. @ 11:18 AM #

The news channels have totally spinned this story.
She was booed during the final question portion of the show. She fell during the eveining gown portion of the show which proceded the final question.
When she fell the audience actually applauded her because of her quick recovery.
I think people were pissed that she(Miss USA) made top 5 and Miss Mexico (or Tanzania because the crowd liked her too) did not make top 5.

Posted by Blogger true supermodel @ 6:59 PM #

I think I watched like ten minutes of the competition. I didn't much care for little Miss Smith, but poor thing, it sucks to be booed. And Miss Universe winners wear Gucci? Okay, I'm actually kind of impressed.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 8:53 PM #

Who gives a frock about the competition. That dress looks fabulous on her!

Posted by Blogger The Jetset @ 6:00 PM #

Preetty humilating for Miss USA...all the news channels were replaying the fall repeatedly. I must have saw her trip up at least 20 times jeees. Although I'm surprised that Miss Japan wore Gucci, that's refreshing to hear.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 4:36 PM #

I love that miss Japan won. Anne is lovely and really down to earth btw. had a great time with her at the CFDA awards night.

Posted by Blogger Rafe Totengco @ 9:33 AM #

i think they booed her because the crowd was mexican and theres some rivalry there

miss japan is gorgeous

Posted by Blogger molly @ 12:46 PM #
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