14 May 2007

raquel rules!

Raquel Zimmermann (DNA) on the cover of May 2007 Brazilian Vogue. Gorgeous cover! Her hair looks (and probably smells) terrific and look at that long, lovely neck! Cute dress from Animale, too.

Vogue after Vogue after Vogue. Manifest girls, manifest!

Photo credit Henrique Gendre for Brazilian Vogue

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 12:27 PM

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I love your blog! fabu.
And that Raquel is a total hottie. I love that dress (not that it would look good on me at ALL).
God, Vogue is amazing.

Posted by Blogger alexgirl @ 8:52 PM #

i dont usually like yellow, but that dress is quite excellent

Posted by Blogger molly @ 9:47 AM #

Wow, that is seriously the first picture I like of her. Nice :)

Posted by Blogger CC @ 5:25 PM #

Ms Z looks great in that shot!

Posted by Blogger George G @ 10:49 PM #

your vogue after vogue after vogue posts are crazzzy!!

Posted by Blogger The Madhatter @ 11:54 PM #

yes yes, that is one GORGEOUS cover. I agree!!!

Posted by Blogger Fabi @ 2:32 PM #

The cover is gorgeous and so is Raquel Zimmermann. She is the most beautiful model right now: I am still flashed by the Chloe campaign.

Posted by Anonymous Danielle @ 10:06 AM #
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