20 May 2007

sweet child of ken

The habitually sweet and delicate Anne Watanabe (DNA) titillates the fancy in SS07 Lanvin. Just look what a June 2007 Harper's Bazaar cover can do for you. The friendly anime expression is replaced with a mysterious come-hither stare. The smattering of dusty violet on the lids definitely helps! If she carries on like this, she will be much more on par with her Asian contemporaries.

Photo credit Harper's Bazaar Singapore

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 11:24 PM

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She looks amAZING on that cover! Wow!

Rafe is actually taking her as his date/muse to an event, which I forget....

Posted by Blogger George G @ 8:08 AM #

That's a fantastic cover and I'm so excited to be taking her to the CFDA Awards Gala on June 4. Will be posting photos of course of the event.

Posted by Blogger Rafe Totengco @ 9:51 AM #

wouldn't she look smashing with a short agyness-type hairdo? i think it would frame her gorgeous face better.

Posted by Blogger F.M. @ 5:43 PM #

Aww, she's so pretty and sweet, even in a balloon dress.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 10:15 AM #

for some reason i really find the bazaar logo hilarious. they squeeze in "harper's" everywhere. haha anyway... anne's gorgeous!

Posted by Blogger The Madhatter @ 4:42 AM #
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